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How to sidestep the unnecessary trouble of being underinsured

Underinsurance can mean that a bad situation quickly spirals into a disaster. Whether it's home, business, vehicle or otherwise, your current policies may be inadequate for your needs.
So, if you’re taking a risk by leaving yourself underinsured just to save a few pennies, you might want to consider how you’d fork out the added costs should you need to make a claim.

Luckily, knowing how underinsurance occurs, the risks involved and how to reduce them can help you get adequate cover in place to protect your pocket. Take a look at our latest advice to sidestep the unnecessary trouble of underinsurance:

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The quick guide to renters insurance: what, why and how much

Do you have renters insurance?

Australians are notoriously underinsured and people living in rental properties are no exception. Shockingly, the Understand Insurance Home and Contents Survey revealed that more than half of renters don’t insure their contents at all and Australians in general seriously underestimate the worth of their contents when they do insure. This means that many renters find themselves in a situation where they have to wear the cost themselves if something happens to their belongings.

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