Insurance solutions

Our solutions

See below for some of our insurance products and industry expertise. This isn’t an exhaustive list, so regardless of what your occupation is, don’t hesitate to contact us for a free, no-obligation quote for your needs.

Your needs

We understand cash flow is important, so most of our business pack insurance covers are also available on a pay-by-the-month basis, at no extra cost.

Farm, Stock & Crop

Our agriculture clients range from dairy farmers to fruit growers, cattle, sheep and broad leaf cropping. Whatever your occupation, we have some of the market-leading insurance solutions available to tailor to your needs, and we also have some of the best value covers for your vehicles and machinery. Read more.


Marine and houseboats

Whether it’s a private or commercial venture, we have comprehensive covers for all types of water craft, including recreational use, ski boats, fishing, commercial hire vessels and marina operators’ liability. We also offer marine carriers insurance for professional carriers…read more.

Commercial business

Whether you’re in business as an accountant, tradie, retailer, professional recreational activities provider or a beauty salon, we’ve got a business package that has everything you need and can be tailored to just the right size. We can offer you an extensive range of covers. Find out more.

Business & Professional Services

Our professional services insurance solutions and professional indemnity insurance solutions have been developed by experts so you can choose the right insurance package for your business.

Our solution is very flexible, and can cover you for civil liability (such as breach of duty, defamation, loss or damage to documents, dishonest acts, intellectual property infringements, misleading conduct, etc…), as well as claims investigation costs, court attendance and public relations costs. Contact us to find out more or for a quick quote.


motor vehicle insurance south australia

Motor vehicle Insurance

Find out about the insurance solutions we have available for your motor vehicle (private, business or commercial use), including: 

  • Third party property damage – protection against damage to another party’s property
  • Third party property damage, fire and theft – protection against damage to another party’s property, vehicle damage resulting from fire (not as a result of a vehicle accident prior)
  • Comprehensive – cover for the above along with repair or replacement of the insured vehicle due to an insurable event.

Manufacturing & Engineering

To all our engineer clients and potential clients – if you can imagine it, build it or repair it, we can insure it.

From houseboat repairs to installation of wine tanks, we’ve got the right insurance cover for you. 

As an engineer, your duty of care extends beyond your client – it includes contractors, future building buyers and anyone injured due to a deficiency (or an alleged deficiency) in the building.

(Photo courtesy of JMA Engineering)

Commercial Real Estate & Strata

Our solutions for real estate, landlords and strata could include:

  • Replacement benefit for building
  • New for old contents up to 15 years
  • Legal liability cover up to $20 million
  • Loss of rent
  • Rent default and theft by a tenant
  • Easy-pay monthly instalments

Don’t auction your risks to the lowest bidder, get the right insurance solution.

Travel & Corporate Travel

Whether you’re going overseas on a family trip or your business is starting to do more corporate travel, talk to us about covering your travel risks, from the Americas to Europe, Asia, New Zealand, and everything in between. More.

Personal & Domestic

We have great value home and contents cover (with comprehensive covers available for replacement of domestic buildings/contents related to an insurable event), as well as holiday homes and caravan cover. Read more.