If you have a possible claim or a claims enquiry, and have a current policy with our company, please contact your closest office during office hours.

If you need to contact us for an emergency after hours, regarding a claim, please contact:

  • Murray Bridge – contact Simon on 0439 803 508
  • Aldinga Beach – contact Brenten on 0439 002 838

Things to think about in a claims event

In the case of an emergency, call 000, and seek medical attention where required. Ensure people are safe before worrying about property. Please alert us as soon as reasonably possible. Write down as many details about the event as possible while it’s fresh in your mind. Take photos, where applicable, from multiple angles. Get the details of any other parties involved.

“Our organisation has grown phenomenally since 2013, and Managed Insurance Solutions (MIS) has been with us every step of the way. We have peace of mind that we’ve got the right insurance solution and the right insurance representatives behind us so we can focus on growing and developing our higher education programmes.”  Australian Institute of Business in Adelaide 

Australian Institute of Business     Australian Institute of Business