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COVID-19 shutdown: Check your unoccupancy clauses

Given the current climate, we want to make sure you prevent a breach of your current insurance cover, whether it be domestic or commercial. The global pandemic has led to business closures and travel restrictions, which has left many building unoccupied for the foreseeable.

If your current insurance policy has unoccupied or security conditions, you may be required to take weekly visits to the property, switching off gas or electricity and ensuring that your letterboxes are sealed. Many insurers are relaxing their unoccupancy clauses and policy requirements due to COVID-19, but you’ll need to double check to prevent any trouble.

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Is COVID-19 cybercrime threatening your business?

Australian businesses have been urged to recognise the significant level of ransomware threat from cyber adversaries. Scamwatch has received over 3900 scam reports mentioning the coronavirus with over $3.1 million in reported losses since the outbreak of COVID-19. Ransomware acts as a method of extortion, locking a computer’s content and displaying a message requiring victims to pay a ransom in order for them to regain access. The emails delivering ransomware to Australian victims often mirror the branding of trusted and reputable corporations as part of their techniques.

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Business insurance basics | Managed Insurance Solutions

Running a business can be an exciting prospect, especially if you’re providing provide useful goods and services to your community, creating employment, and serving as a podium for your personal creativity. However, it’s no secret that business can be risky. That’s why successful businesses use a diversity of business insurance covers to manage and reduce their risks.

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An update on COVID-19/Coronavirus and insurance information

There's a lot of news coverage, information and misinformation out there on COVID-19/Coronavirus and the effects of the global pandemic, including about insurance and risk management. We have a number of good industry resources that have put out updated, factual articles on insurance and business continuity measures that we found useful and worth sharing. So from our business to yours, please find below a summary of what we know, how we are responding as a business and an industry to the impacts of the coronavirus and also some programs available that might be beneficial.

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What’s the difference between Directors’ and Officers’ Insurance and Management Liability?

Just ten years ago, less than one percent of small or medium sized businesses had any type of management liability insurance or directors' and officers' insurance (these are considered financial lines insurance). Now, and with more and more companies facing litigation in connection with management risks and exposures, management liability insurance is now considered a ‘must have’ for Australian businesses.

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