Innovation in Travel Insurance

travelcard, travel insurance, australia

Do you have a good understanding of travel insurance, or do you find it confusing and a bit of a hassle? We could have good news for you. There’s a relatively new option on the market, TravelCard which is a real-time travel insurance option. AND, MIS can help organise the TravelCard insurance solution for you!

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7 key types of insurance your small business should consider

food truck, small business insurance, adelaide, south australia

As a small business owner, you know your business is you and your family's livelihood. Protecting it properly essentially helps to protect your financial future and provides you peace of mind so you can focus on growing your business. The risks you face come in a wide variety - some of which you can mitigate, while others are unpredictable and unpreventable.

These events could cause damage to your ability to operate, or your property, or worse, to people. Many small businesses won't financially survive a significant event with only the resources on hand, and that’s where insurance is designed to function as your safety net.

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Landlord and renters’ insurance – is it necessary?

landlord insurance, strata, tenant insurance, renters insurance, south australia

Did you know that if you own a rental or investment property you may need a different insurance solution to your normal home and contents policies?

And renters/tenants - did you know that your home and contents are not likely to be covered by your landlord's insurance solution?

If the answer is no to either of these questions, read on and make sure you have a chat to your insurance broker about your situation to ensure you don't have gaps in your insurance solution.

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Risk Management & Insurance in a Challenging Wine Harvest Season

grape growers, winemakers, vineyard, insurance, south Australia

We've all experienced some side effects of the recent heatwave across our great state - sleepless nights, occasional power outages as our power grid struggles to keep up with our air conditioners, cars, people and animals overheating and getting sunburned... but did you know grapes could get sunburned, too?

With some record breaking warm weather, there are additional risks that the vines could die or grapes can shrivel prematurely (the cells inside the grape start to die, reducing the grape's capacity to hold water) or burn in the hot sun.

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Driver-less vehicles are coming to South Australia – what does it mean for insurance?

driver less car, insurance, South Australia

With South Australia's first ever driver-less bus taking to the roads, Managed Insurance Solutions thought it was timely to have a look at what these driverless vehicles might mean for insurance in the future.

It's exciting technology, to be sure, and offers huge opportunities - especially if you think of our ageing population that may not have ready access to public transportation. It could also increase road safety, as the driver-less vehicles don't get tired, distracted by their phone or get behind the wheel after too many drinks.

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Is your restaurant or cafe protecting yourself and your customers from salmonella?

salmonella outbreak poisoning, public and products liability insurance, restaurant and cafe insurance, managed insurance solutions, sandwich

As you might be aware, there was a recent salmonella outbreak in a South Australian bakery, which impacted over 30 people. How would your restaurant or cafe business cope with the direct and indirect costs (such as damage to your brand and reputation) of something like this? Read below for some tips on how you can prevent a salmonella outbreak from occurring, what type of risk management practices you can put in place and what kind of insurance safety nets are available.

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