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Why is houseboat insurance so hard to get and how can I use risk management to ease insurer concerns?

Having a hard time getting your houseboat insured? You’re not the only one. If your journey to break free from brick and mortar has been slowed down by the scarcity of — and increase in — premiums, we’re here to help. In our latest article, we explore why difficult to place risk is causing concern for insurers and share some top tips on getting the best cover for your floating home. See for yourself.

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directors liability insurance

What to know about D&O: Directors Liability Insurance

Now, more than ever, business leaders can be held responsible for a wide range of corporate issues. In an increasingly litigious world, your company’s officers and board of directors are personally at risk to incur financially crippling lawsuits. Even in a company with limited liability status, personal liability is unlimited.

With directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance, you can turn your attention to acquiring the best talent and running your company, instead of worrying over protracted litigation. Find out more:

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How to sidestep the unnecessary trouble of being underinsured

Underinsurance can mean that a bad situation quickly spirals into a disaster. Whether it's home, business, vehicle or otherwise, your current policies may be inadequate for your needs.
So, if you’re taking a risk by leaving yourself underinsured just to save a few pennies, you might want to consider how you’d fork out the added costs should you need to make a claim.

Luckily, knowing how underinsurance occurs, the risks involved and how to reduce them can help you get adequate cover in place to protect your pocket. Take a look at our latest advice to sidestep the unnecessary trouble of underinsurance:

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insurance south australia

Business insurance basics | Managed Insurance Solutions

Running a business can be an exciting prospect, especially if you’re providing provide useful goods and services to your community, creating employment, and serving as a podium for your personal creativity. However, it’s no secret that business can be risky. That’s why successful businesses use a diversity of business insurance covers to manage and reduce their risks.

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covid-19/coronavirus information, insurance, risk management

An update on COVID-19/Coronavirus and insurance information

There's a lot of news coverage, information and misinformation out there on COVID-19/Coronavirus and the effects of the global pandemic, including about insurance and risk management. We have a number of good industry resources that have put out updated, factual articles on insurance and business continuity measures that we found useful and worth sharing. So from our business to yours, please find below a summary of what we know, how we are responding as a business and an industry to the impacts of the coronavirus and also some programs available that might be beneficial.

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